Photography has always played a role in selling homes. Years ago, polaroid photos were arranged in a three-ring binder and/or on a corkboard hanging on the wall of a real estate office.

Today having exceptional photography has become one of the most important things you can do to sell a home. Almost every major purchase that is made today has been vetted and/or looked at online by most people. Pictures are where most of us start! Pictures tell us how we feel about something. Our brains crave visual images, it’s how we are built.

It especially applies when buyers are looking to purchase a new home. We go online and look at the images that are posted and explore listings that we visually respond to. Most people have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, It couldn’t be truer when trying to sell your home. The photos need to tell a story about the home in a way that will attract the most number of willing buyers.

To achieve this, you need a certain skill set. Setting up the shot, taking the shot, and then processing and posting it in a way that will be visually stimulating to the buying population is one of the most important skills that realtors must have and know how to use effectively. Still photos, videos, aerial drone photos, virtual tours, and 3D photography are all part of what is being used to achieve the visual stimulation necessary to properly market homes today.

Having the right equipment is paramount to achieving the proper results for an effective marketing campaign. Professional grade cameras with the correct lens and proper lighting are a sign that the job will be done right. High end 3D cameras and drones are another good sign that you will receive the proper marketing visuals necessary for an effective marketing effort.

We understand the science behind visual marketing and use it to our advantage when creating a presentation package. We apply the basics of visual effects to stimulate buyers brains to attract them to our listings.

It is important for you as a seller to understand how photography plays such an important roll in marketing homes in today’s high-tech environment. For a more in-depth explanation of our advanced marketing techniques and how they have become so successful, contact us and we will be happy to meet one on one to discuss the various options available to you as a potential home seller.