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We Are The Marketing Experts.

Let Harford Showcase Your Home to Right Buyer

We help our clients put together a comprehensive high tech marketing strategy in order to get properties sold quickly and at top dollar.  We use cutting edge tools and technology that are relevant to today’s buyers needs to market and sell your home.  We will evaluate, give you tips on preparing your home, take multiple types of professional photography, and use every means of today’s high tech marketing to get it sold.  We make huge investments every year in the latest equipment and tools available to remain a leader in successfully marketing homes for our clients.

Competitive Rates

Being an independent non-franchised company affords us the opportunity to pass those savings on to our clients through lower commission rates.

Marketing Promotion

Our overall marketing plan gets your home in front of the right buyers in over 100 different websites nationally and internationally including all of the franchise real estate companies.

Pricing Strategies

Our pricing strategies are unique to us, work better and are more effective in getting your house sold.

Market Knowledge

Our market knowledge and unique way of research gives us a distinct edge over other real estate companies. We strive every day to stay ahead of our competition and be more informed on every aspect of the current market and how it is trending and what that means for you.

Connection to Buyers

In addition to the traditional methods of marketing homes that everyone uses today, social media has become the new and upcoming format in which we have seen great results.

Latest Technology

To showcase your property, we use the newest technology in photography, including 3D, aerial, and video are also techniques that we use and stay current on. As we employ every tool available to aggressively marketing our clients’ homes, we also understand the magnitude of buying or selling a home and the effect it may have on our daily lives. We are patient, understanding, and respectful of our clients’ wants and needs. We work hard to minimize the stress and uncertainty that can be inherent when buying or selling your home.

Let Harford Help. Contact Us!

At Harford we are ready to assist you in listing your property for sale or locating the right house for you to purchase. Our knowledgable team is ready to make your dream a reality. For our assistance to answer any question you might have, please call us at 973.209.9000 or simply email us by filling out our contact form.