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Let Harford Showcase Find YourDream Home

We help buyers with the entire process, starting with what you can afford. We will help you get pre-qualified with a lender of your choice, so you can establish a purchase price that you are comfortable with.

Extensive Search

We will help you search and show you how to evaluate a potential home using common tools of the trade.


We will use our extensive knowledge of the local markets and our expert negotiation skills to secure the best possible price to offer for your new home.

Supportive Services

We will introduce some of the best attorneys, home inspectors, title companies, and more so you can complete the home purchase with the least amount of stress and worry as possible and we will be with you 100% of the journey.

Market Knowledge

Whether it is residential or investment property, a buyers agents is involved throughout the entire process.

  • Determining a “fair market value” for the real estate you’re interested in.
  • Informing you of all your legal rights and obligations.
  • Explaining the benefits of pre-qualifying for a loan with a mortgage specialist.
  • Writing the purchase agreement.
  • Submitting the title work.
  • Setting up a property inspection.
  • Working through any issues that arise.
  • Representing you at the closing.

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At Harford we are ready to assist you in listing your property for sale or locating the right house for you to purchase. Our knowledgable team is ready to make your dream a reality. For our assistance to answer any question you might have, please call us at 973.209.9000 or simply email us by filling out our contact form.