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Whether you are a first-time buyer within the real estate market, or a seasoned client within the industry, there are a few questions that any buyer should ask themselves before purchasing a new home...

  1. What is the highest price home that I can afford?
  2. How can I find the best property at the right price?
  3. What will I be required to do to make an offer on a property?
  4. Do I have a solid legal team to help me through to closing?
  5. Can I trust my real estate agent to help me through this process?

At Harford Real Estate, we can help you answer all of these questions – and more. For buyers, Harford Real Estate first establishes a price range for its clients. By doing this, it sets limits to what the client can and cannot afford. The next step would be to find out what style property the client is interested in, and in what area they would like to buy. Our process is to pick a few homes, show them to our clients, see how they react – and then make adjustments as needed. Agents are also trained to review the GSMLS to see what is coming on the market, as well as what is coming down in price that will fit clients’ budgets. Next, an agent will advise clients on how to put an offer together so that it is competitive with other potential offers. Finally, Harford Real Estate presents the offer to the listing agent and explains why it is a strong offer.

In addition to the above questions, there are some pieces of advice that all first-time buyers should adhere to. Most importantly would be to hire a professional real estate broker. Market knowledge and customized service is what sets Harford Real Estate apart from its competition. Harford Real Estate has pledged to work with its customers to accomplish a common goal.

New buyers should ensure the following questions are answered about their agent...

  1. How long have you been in the business?
  2. Are you a member of NAR / NJAR?
  3. Are you a member of the MLS?
  4. Can you outline how you would represent me (and my family)?
  5. Will you show me properties listed by other agencies?
  6. Are you familiar with the area that I/we are interested in?

Additional pieces of advice to consider...

  • Keep track of all details including offers made and properties viewed
  • Have the property inspected by a professional
  • Include mortgage and inspection costs in your written offer
  • Request a final walk-through within 24-48 hours of closing
  • Whether its homes for sale in Northern, Central, or Southern New Jersey, Harford Real Estate works harder to achieve customers’ goals.